Welcome to Design Medica!

LogoDesignMedica is a company with a world class standard of quality, and unique PVC ad acrylic glass thermoforming technology. Cabinets produced by our company are directed at both, the private and public healthcare sectors, clinics and specialized medical and cosmetic offices.

PVC foam boards are created first by mixing and molding into plates in controlled conditions. They have a regular internal closed foam cell structure, with solid and rigid surface. Typically, we finish PVC plates in matt.
The technology used by us is unique in that we thermoform each of the elements while avoiding creating any gaps and joints typical for other technologies. Each of the components created by us forms into a single element – with no gaps or joints, which in turn makes cleaning and disinfection much easier, and prevents accumulating of dirt and bacteria.
The high mechanical durability of our products is achieved by coating them in 4mm layer of dissolved glass. Each of the elements of our products can be washed by immersion in water.

The rest of the materials used by our company, such as: PMMA, polycarbonate, glass, have similar properties, which ensure that our products are light, rigid, completely waterproof, easy to clean, chemical and UV light resistant.
Our standard is modern design and colors, to ensure a unique furnishing in any medical office. DesignMedica production process caters to the highest quality of materials and technological processes, and meets all the health and safety requirements.

All of our cabinets are made from scratch by our specialists in Poland. After each of the parts is cut and formed into desired size and shape, they are all examined and only then put together by hand to form a perfect cabinet that is then carefully packaged and prepared to be sent out.

What we offer

Medical Cabinets

Modern, durable, manufactured completely out of waterproof and easily washable materials (PVC, PMMA, polycarbonate, glass). Thanks to the unique technology behind our production, Design Medica cabinets, compared to our competition, are:

  • light and quiet (they don’t make noise while moving) <35kg
  • can carry weight between ~ 100kg
  • completely waterproof
  • resistant to UV light produced by equipment used in medicine
  • resistant to any chemicals used in medicine
  • resistant to mechanical damage and intensive exploitation
  • resistant to corrosion and chemicals
  • extraordinarily stable
  • 12 month guarantee

What distinguishes us from others


The company provides warranty and post warranty service.


Modern technology, which is based on the highest quality materials and regularly consulted with doctors.


Design Medica is a natural and the best choice in the medical community.


Exceptional functionality combined with the original aesthetics creates a reliable and friendly work environment.


Cooperation with research and development units in the field of improvement of manufacturing technology.


Support for professional and comfortable patients service.